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Are you Looking for a Spy App to Catch a Cheater? 

The best way to find out if your significant other is cheating is to tap into their phone – enter tracking apps for cheaters. A cell phone tracker is software installed directly on the target phone similar to other phone apps.

Basic Mobile Phone Tracking To track a cell phone you must download the software onto the phone. Once installed, it runs silently in the backround remaining invisible not even showing up on the running process list. A spy app such as this gathers information from the phone and sends the information to your user account set up online. The user account is given to you from the app service provider and is secured by a user name and password you choose.

A few examples of basic phone tracking software features include the ability to: see text, email, SMS and instant messages as they are sent or received; the app sends you a copy of the content as the phone interacts with the other person download photos and video on the target phone to your user account intercept live calls between the phone and another party; again, the app sends you a signal when the phone connects allowing you the option of dialing in as a third party

A few examples of more advanced features and options available include the ability to: Call blocking – allowing you to actually block calls to or from certain numbers Call tracing and recording – allowing you to trace and record all calls or including specfic numbers Live call interception – allowing you to call into the target phone as a call is in progress SMS tracking – allowing you to track inbound and outbound messages as they are sent SMS forwarding – allowing you to send messages as if they came from the target phone

The availability of a cell phone tracking option depends on the software provider.

Tracking a Cell Phone Location Using GPS tracking a cell phone location is reletively easy. Depending on the app you can access a map or a set of coordinates with links to Google Earth allowing you to track a cell phone through a certain time period. With the GPS feature most apps allow you to: create a log showing time, dates and durations when the phone was at certain locations find the direction of movement between locations as well as the order of each stop along the route

The more advanced cheater apps allow you to: draw a map with boundaries, then have the app signal you when the phone enters or leaves the designated area create real time notifications to trace a cell phone as it moves

Cell Phone Spy App Compatability Different apps for cheating lovers work in combination with certain phone technology. This compatability issue means that you must be aware of the software that is on the phone; an Android spy app may not be compatable with a Blackberry phone, and an iPhone spy app may not be compatible with an Android phone. Considerations to take into account include: looking for vendors with multiple variations of their software compatable with different phone models choosing the right version of your app to correspond with the software version on the phone

If you suspect a loved one of cheating, the only way to prove it is with hard evidence. That evidence will be the information gathered from the phone. Its easy to do this because most people think their phone is safe and the information cannot be accessed without them knowing. Tracking a phone using apps for cheaters makes it possible.

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