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Are you looking for text message monitoring software for free but don’t know where to find one? This article will help you find the best place to get one and also other information about the product.

As of today, Mobile Spy is the only company that offers text message monitoring software for free trial.

This spy product has been used for some time now and is one of the most well kept secrets in terms of text message monitoring software.

Mobile Spy actually offers plenty of features including GPS tracking, reading emails and more. With this software, you can do more than just keep an eye on someone’s text messages.

The only downside to using Mobile Spy is that it will run only for seven days since it is free of charge. The good news is that in just that short period of time, you can actually gain more information as opposed to not installing text message monitoring software on the target phone. There are lots of instances when people get what they need on the first day. If you are one of those people who quickly gained the answers they are looking for, then there is no reason why you should buy text message monitoring. This means that you don’t have to spend money buying an actual text message monitoring because Mobile Spy offers theirs for free.

On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the information you have gathered during the seven day trial period, you can easily convert your free trial into Mobile Spy’s subscription package. The subscription fee is priced at $49.95 which is quite cheap compared to other text message monitoring software out there. So, what can this software do for you?

Like it was mentioned before, there are several features available for you when you install text message monitoring software today. Among these are:

Read Emails

Pinpoint Exact Location of Target Phone through GPS

Record Calendar Events, Tasks and Memos

Record Photos Taken with the Phone

Record Videos

Access to Phone Book

Live Surveillance on Target Phone

Record all Calls Made and Received from the Phone

So you see? Text message monitoring software has a lot to offer you. Not only will you be able to keep an eye on the text messages sent and received on the target phone but you also get to view all kinds of information. Why not give text message monitoring software a try today?

There are many resources for cell phone monitoring software.  Text monitoring software in all cases must be installed on the phone you want to track. 

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Jerry Nichols March 11, 2012 at 8:22 pm

Do I have to have Access to the Target Phone?
Thank You !


SpyManager March 22, 2012 at 8:40 pm

Yes, All mobile phone monitoring software REQUIRES that you first install the software onto the phone you want to monitor. Do NOT believe anyone that says that you dont first need to install the software. There are even some websites that say that you dont need to install the software and we have tested all of those products and they do not work and they also do not have a money back guarantee so they dont even give you your money back.

If your looking for text message monitoring software, make sure you choose spy software that has free technical support and a money back guarantee. And as this post states, there is NO such thing as Free Text Message Monitoring Software.


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